that inhuman beast rumi

when i was ten i rediscovered john donne the poet
he was decades and light years beyond shakespeare’s sonnets
and approaching jalal al din rumi in terms of sheer poetic beauty
of course rumi was a sufi
using the idea of love to approach oneness with divinity

the nirvana and oneness of buddhism without the judgement
and ego

john donne wrote of how love between two people could be like beaten gold
wide like the horizon and so thin and fine as to be a vapor
where does one person start and the other begin

rumi wrote of the lover becoming almost non existent
melting into the air itself
to become a sea of warmth that the beloved floated in

reading rumi one never was mystified or curious
about the object of his devotion
about the very god which he spoke to

you were enamored
fascinated mesmerized and addicted to trying to explore
the mind the dream thought space
of this lover
who seemed to exist only as love itself

the most supernatural thing in the world
is the mind
capable of anything

except that einstein was unable to think of nothing for more than ten seconds

there are barely ten seconds in any point in my life
where i am not aware of my thirst
to explore your lusty dreams
and in doing so shape you
into the creature you crave to become
oen literally mind blowing multi oprgasm or extended stay in subspace at a time

until they all blend together
and you exist warm and alive
and nothing

but mine



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