seeking unowned girl

i despise words
i adore them too

here i am on this site seeking someone that wants to explore life
as my property
in a cage perhaps
one i make and design
one i build
slaves hands in mine
i was thinking of thick bamboo
and i could use a paintbrush
to do little words
across the bars
in different languages

in chinese japanese finnish russian
these are the things i think
that i dont do or paint or draw or profit from the writing of

the art is not the cage or the photography
the art is not the words or their meanings and the languages
i must study a bit

the life si sthe art
that slave’s body

her mind
her awareness of what it means
to be shaped and molded into a perfect creature

i get told a lot that i am dommed from the bottom
because i like to find out what a girl has dreamt of
in her youth
or dreams of now
what films and ideas have coated her mind
during the day or in dream

i am an artist
and your life is the art
like sculpture but on every level
what orgasms have you dreamt of?
what pains
what pleasures
what beasts to devour what rape how hard or soft

iw ill devlliver up those experiences
becauyse they are ALL passions

i have went the range from passionate poetic lover
to brutal dehumanizing rapist
to primal degrading humiliating beast

i have literally fucked the shit out of
lesbian slaves
i have written whole multi page reports
while fucking her cum drinking mouth for hours on end

i have choked and felt the blade dance across a fair maiden chest
in the middle of the night ive pulled the chain and grabbed the hair
to fuck her mouth
before she drinks the golden warm

these are all things to do places to take a mind
over time

but who are you?
that dreams and has dreamt to be owned?
your own heaven or hell
cage or cot
bed or human blankets

i want to make you mine
and deep at the core of you
is an image of that
a place on the map of consiousness
that i can navigate you to

loving daddy dom
to devilish cock

the time ive spent in this cage of words
that can describe where youve been
but not where youre going

describe where ive been
but not where ill take you

i am good at what i do
so the ones that think i will not use every ounce of their past humanity
to sculpt their future slavery

you are mistaken

before you can say i am dommed from the bottom

let em say to those i have yet to meet
i will rape those girly dreams
from trembling lips
and the reality fo them
will not be what you expected at all

but ti will be to the millimeter and the letter
everything you whisper
dreams in my ear
or wrote on a page

there is my challenge
i am seeking not to simply exist

but study and practise an art

the challenge lies in giving the slave
their own dreams in their own flesh

as a price of their ownership
this si not weakness it is strength

any actor can play the same part all the time
any dominant can make every person into the same slave

what modern new age silliness is that

who i am as a dominant has evolved with time
and with each evolution new limits

were broken
embraced loved practised

pure lifetime
tpe slavery

strange how many no limit slaves
have many for what their owner can desire
from their past present or future

if i wanted to turn any woman into
the perfect slave for me
i would never need collarme

i coudl just walk down the street and see a pretty girl
and shape her into my perfect slave
i did that for fifteen years

and i want MORE
iw ant to own a girl who has an idea of what slaevry she desires to explore

and from the many different ways ive shaped and taken minds
iw ill do the one
environment path actions usage

that matches her dream
i too was a young boy who studied bdsm
i too read all those books and comics and heavy metal magazines

when iw as young
i am not one sided like some rapper or religious nut

ideally i seek the absolute in dehumanization

in a slave

because ti is the deepest challenge and i would like to blog
the process

i prefer to do things that are a challenge to my skill or technique, even rhythm..

bdsm.. is one that involves a lot of cognitive psychology, cognitive neurobiology, and a few other things. the sheer need to tap into my adrenalin and lust to get ideal results, fascinates too.. such a cerebral and animalistic thing. the dichotomy is amazing.

nevertheless, the science and psychology, the biology and the carnality of it are all part of what ive lived and studied.

i seek a slave, or slaves, european preferred (as that is my experience in both learning and doing as a bdsm dominant over the last 20 years) who wish to truly and deeply explore the slow transformation from human to slave, to object, and all the deep connections between master and slave(s) that will entail

each person is different and so the end result and the path will be slightly different. i practise deep shaping, not hypnosis or some other such thing. i combine it with tantra and primal carnality specific to my subculture/race (nyc international BBC ten inch)



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